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So you want to find the best website design company in Ghana for your company, huh? Then you’re like my friend whose Boss asked her to find a website designer in Ghana who is best in what he does to handle his company’s web design and development, if this sounds like you, great!

I must say that a lot goes into the development of a company website and I take it for granted that you have done your research and outlined the goals for your company’s website. A good outline of the business objectives and technical needs may include the following:

  • Clear Products and Services Offering
  • Improve or reinforce brand identity
  • Increase sales: generate business leads
  • Provide latest information regarding sales, promotional activity, news and events
  • Mobile friendly or Responsive Web Design
  • Content Management System for site updates
  • Google Maps for location/address integration
  • Contact Forms
  • Social Media Integration for social connection and marketing
  • Simple and attractive web design
  • Google Analytics for web reporting
  • Usability and Accessibility (content legibility, intuitive interfaces, etc.)
  • Website security

So armed with this list and with the intention of going to look for Web Design companies in Accra Ghana, you head over to Google to search for the best website designer or company to work with. And this is where the frustration kicks in, you’ll think it’s going to be a smooth exercise but no, almost every web design firm you contact is likely to tell you that they are the best in Ghana when it comes to website design and web development and they have the most affordable packages and services. Now you seem confused right? Well, the following tips provides suggestions that you should consider to finding the good web company to work with if you do not want your money to go down the drain.

  1. Budget

    First and foremost you’ll have to consider your budget. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap so if you’re getting a very cheap package then you’re just going to get another website sitting on the internet shelf without achieving the desired objectives. There are different pricing models agencies use such as monthly or one time project estimate cost. Those with x monthly fees would charge you x amount as long as the website is online (I would try to avoid this if I were you). Those with one time cost will charge you x amount for the project. This is ideal but you’ll have to later sign up for website maintenance if you’re not going to do it yourself. Secondly, if the agency’s estimate is way above your budget then it’s indicative that you don’t match up and should consider someone else. Make sure that whatever your budget is, it’s within the range of the estimate you receive for the web project or negotiations are allowed to settle on a reasonable cost suitable for your budget. The cost factors that I usually tell our clients are:

    1. Domain name registration cost
    2. Web Hosting cost
    3. Website design cost
    4. Web development cost
    5. Website Maintenance cost
  2. Portfolio

    You might have visited the web company’s website. But ensure you go through the works or projects they have worked on and that you like them. If they look attractive to you it shows that they can meet your expectations. Again the company’s website could also be an indicator here. If you’re not seeing a clean and professional website then you should be alarmed because chances are they’re going to give you similar to what you see. You may not be in the position to judge the creativity, design, usability and content of the portfolio but anything far from clean, uncluttered, beautiful and functional should be alarming. You can also check out their clients and the number of years they’ve been with existing clients which should lead us to the last consideration; relationship.

  3. Business Relationship

    You’re going to work on a project together and the relationship matter. Ensure that you’re very comfortable with the initial contacts such as phone calls and meet ups. If someone has difficulty in understanding you or lacks the required experience or has an attitude that won’t foster a good business relationship then be warned. For us we take on worthwhile projects as we believe that successful website projects depend on a close relationship and collaboration between web design companies and clients. Great collaboration commands outstanding results which makes all the difference. Which ever company you choose should make you feel comfortable to work with and understand your concerns best to work with you in achieving the desired goals.

There you have it, the suggestions that should help you out of the confusion of choosing the best website designer in Ghana for your business or company website. But it doesn’t end there, it’s just the beginning of a digital lifelong quest to make your business succeed online. Ensure that the chosen website company work with you so that the objectives of the web project are achieved in the final deliverables with results.

For us at Geeks Global Technologies Ltd, we are committed to your online digital success and we would be glad to partner with you to command outstanding results which impact your bottom line by designing quality and professional website for your company. Get in touch or call us on: +233 262915391 to discuss your project.

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