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Google makes mobile search experience a priority

The use of mobile devices in online activities has increased over the years and more so has the use of mobile devices in performing online searches increase.

Google who happens to be a major search engine player has announce that it is making plans of improving the mobile user search experience and that calls for having a mobile search index which indexes a websites mobile content.  In other words Googlebot would begin to take into account how a website’s content appears to mobile users.

This is an attempt by Google in striving to improve the mobile user experience and also the relevancy of the search results to the user.

Impact of Mobile First Indexing

Once Google roll out this update, a website search engine ranking in Google search engine results especially on mobile devices can either rise in rank or drop in rank or have it’s url removed from Google Mobile Index.

To ensure one does not suffer a drop in rank, a website main content on the desktop should be the same as that which appears on the mobile version. Google’s announcement has a detailed recommendations to help website owners and webmasters prepare towards the move to the mobile first indexing updates. That is why choosing Geeks Global Technologies Ltd is the best decision you will ever make.

Google’s announcement below has more information.


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