PayPal Account for Receiving and Cashing out Money in Ghana


PayPal Account for Receiving and Cashing out Money in Ghana-This is a follow-up article to several requests from our readers to have their Ghana PayPal accounts receive funds from other PayPal users, transfer the money onto their card, and cash out either through ATMs, or withdraw into their mobile money wallets.

Not only that, there several other people who want to work and make money online in Ghana. To receive and cash out the money you have made, you would need for instance a PayPal account to get your money.

Also, this article is for our customers who want us to create premium accounts for them. If you’ve read my other article on how to easily create a PayPal account in Ghana, you’d realize that that account can only be used for payments and sending money to other PayPal users.

You can use it for online shopping anyway. But you can not receive, withdraw, or cash out your money through that account.

You may also lack the capability of creating that type of account if you don’t have a valid Togo address and phone number.

All these problems and much more would be tackled if you allow me to create your PayPal account for you. This does not involve MPower or any other third-party software.

Get a Premium PayPal Account for 100 Cedis Only

If creating a PayPal account from the steps on my previous articles is difficult for you, I can create one personally for you for a cool 100 cedis.

Benefits of the Account

  1. Receive and cash out money with your PayPal account in Ghana
  2. Premium support: I’ll answer all your questions regarding your account and show you how to safely use it.
  3. Ghanaian address: I will use your Ghanaian address to create the account for you.

If you’re interested, this is how we go about it:

Getting a PayPal Ghana Account for Receiving and Cashing out Money

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Date of birth, and
  • House / Postal address
  • ID number (Could be any one of these: Drivers’ / NHIS /Voters’) 
  1. You send me the above details through WhatsApp or SMS (0548771088):
  2. I create the account for you
  3. You get a welcome/verification email from PayPal.
  4. If you want more proof, I send you a screenshot of your account login
  5. You send me 100 cedis through MTN Mobile Money on the same number
  6. I send you the password I used in creating the account
  7. You log into your account to change the password
  8. I show you how to use the account without any limitations.


Frequently Asked Questions on this Account

  • How trusted is this kind of business?

Answer: It is because of trust issues that I create the account before you pay.

  • Are you also going to have access to the account since you created it and you know the password?

Answer: I don’t want to have access to your account. that is why I always tell you to change your password before you even link your card.

  • Would I need a card to link to my account?

Answer: Yes, you would need a visa debit or MasterCard to link with your account. But I don’t ask for your card details. I only show you how to link the card after you have changed your password.

If you are still in doubt, check out the screenshot below:

  1. Account is created with a Ghanaian address
  2. Ghanaian Nationality specified
  3. Proof of the official PayPal URL
  4. Ability to send and receive money


Apart from the issues listed in the introductory part of this post, I am writing this because I receive too many calls concerning PayPal, and I want to reduce it. Most of which are only for inquiries. So then before you call only to make inquiries about PayPal, please take the pain to read all my articles on PayPal to find the right answer before calling.

To get an account, you don’t also have to call, just follow the steps above by sending me those four details and you’ll get your account as soon as possible.

Unless you want to make sure I’m human, and not some kind of automated robot for reasons best known to you. Thank you for taking time to read. For more then visit

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