Don’t Have a WEBSITE for Your Business? 5 Important Reasons to Have One

In the age of internet domination where all potential customers are glued to their phones, tablets and computers 24/7, what other better way to reach them than through a website? Websites offer several advantages but we have researched 5 most important ones for you:

Stand Out From the Competition, Make Money While You are Asleep, Better Reputation and Credibility, Get More Customers and Highly Cost Effective.

1. Stand Out From the Competition

Even if your competitors don’t have a website now, chances are they will in the near future. Most likely, many of your competitors have a website and so should you.

Good businesses need good websites. We must caution you not to risk your company’s professional reputation by using a do-it-yourself website program or by having a “friend-of-a-friend” make you a website. Do-it-yourself websites often look cheap and it is unlikely that you want to portray that image to the world. And the do-it-yourself websites that do look good, are often time consuming to create and require advanced computer skills in order to have a truly professional appearance.

It is also risky having a “friend-of-a-friend” create your website. Many people are handy enough to throw together a basic website, but it takes a professional website designer AND developer to create a website that will be both functional ANDattractive.

2. Make Money While You are Asleep

The beauty of a website is that it works 24/7 to get you more prospects and leads. This means you do not have to kill yourself doing telemarketing and prospect hunting. You make leads and prospects while you are sleeping or while you are vacationing in the Caribbean! Check out websites like,, etc. At any point in time, the website is accessible and money can be made for the owner.

3. Better Reputation and Credibility

Imagine you got an email about a very nice business proposal but the email address is from [email protected] or [email protected]! You do a search about the person’s business name in Google and you find nothing. Regardless of the content of the proposal, will you take the proposal seriously?

When you have a website that provides valuable information on your business, your prospective clients view you as an authority in the field. This means you will have high credibility and trust. Credibility and trust are very important to be successful in your business.

Get More Customers

When you have a website, the world is your playground.  So you might be a local based business who only serves local customers, but in truth, you are connected to over 2 billion people who use the internet in the world. As social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc become more integrated into our daily lives, incorporating these platforms into your website could radically increase your customer base.

Highly Cost Effective (Advertising Wise)

A well-designed website that has been professionally optimized for search engines is the most powerful and cost-effective advertising tool you could ever invest in. A website is available to customers 24/7. Your website is able to entice customers even when your business is closed.

Websites are interactive, virtual showcases for your business. A professionally-designed website can say more to customers than a print advert or advert in newspaper such as Daily Graphic.



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