Cost of Website Design in Ghana

Determining the cost of website design in Ghana can be a simple but a challenging exercise. Whether you’re a business owner or IT Manager or Website Manager whose task is to draw up a budget for your company’s website design and development, you’ll have to consider certain factors. Kindly visit our website design package price or cost indicators aimed at the Ghanaian market

In this article I’ll attempt to answer how much it would cost to have a website designed and developed for your business. Based on the number of years spent in the web design industry and also on our experience in working with a lot of client, we think it’s fair to say that we have a good grip on what we would be sharing. However, it would be good to compare notes and research further if necessary to confirm what we say.

I would go straight to the point. The cost of a web design in Ghana is not straight forward as calculating the cost of a laptop. Web design can be considered as a service and just as with any other services, a number of factors affect the cost. Whether you’re hiring a freelancer, a web design company or Do It Yourself (DIY) approach, you’ll have to consider the 3 main factors that influence the price.


Now these factors are further influenced by the fact that you’re company or individual wanting to


And also whether you are seeking to hire:

  1. A Freelancer
  2. Website design Company
  3. Or DIY Approach

Let’s get to business. Firstly, let’s consider what I call the technical cost factors which you can’t do without that is if you’re serious about owning your website and not a free website that sits on a subdomain or which you don’t have much control over.


Domain name refers to your website address or URL. This is usually and it’s a way to uniquely identify your website as a resource on the internet. The common analogy I use often to illustrate this is phone number. Your phone number is unique on your phone’s network so people can contact you directly without any interference. Similarly, your website address let people surfing the internet locate your website without any interference.

What about “” (for Ghana domains) or “.org” etc?

Basically they are top level domains (TLDs) usually the kind of business that you’re running determines the kind of TLD that you should aim at. Most business will be fine with “.com” TLD whereas non-profit organizations would aim at “.org”. There are times that the desired “.com” domain is already taken by someone and the preferred alternative is to choose a country level domain e.g. “” or a different name. Choosing the right domain is whole focus on its own and probably deserves a post on its own.

Domain name Registration Cost between $8.99 – $100+

Domain Name Cost
.com, .net, .biz, .org etc. $10 – $16 /yr
New tlds: .agency, .fashion, .tech, .bank, .church $25+



When a website is completed, it needs to be published on the internet which is a collection of networked resources. These resources usually sits on computer servers all around the globe and it’s likely your website would be located on a server several miles away from you. The web space provided to you by an ISP or a Web hosting company is what is referred to as the Web Hosting. And usually comes at the cost per month. Depending on the needs of your website or your exact hosting needs, not any the kind of Web hosting Provider can support you. You may prefer Windows hosting or Linux hosting with Email hosting support. VPS and Dedicated Hosting and support for SSL can all get web hosting to be complex.

However for the layman, all you need to know is that a website must be published on the internet to make it publicly available to everyone and the accessible resource url is the domain and the web space or computer server space that would host your website is what is called the web hosting.

Again your specific needs affect the pricing or package that might be suitable for you.

Web Hosting Cost between $8.99 – $100+

Web Hosting Package Cost
Start $4/mnth +
Medium $10/mnth +
High $15/mnth +


You certainly would get very cheap and perhaps very attracting or best packages for the lowest pricing for web hosting which promises the highest quality web hosting services however you should be weary of Cheap servers as this would imply that the specifications of the computer servers on which your website is located and served to be public on the internet is slow and would certainly affect your business and website users. I’ll try to avoid cheap hosting due to website uptime or hacking among others.

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