Business website – Why you need one for your company

Business Website

In this blog post, we’ll consider what a business website is and why you need one for your company. Since the invention of the internet and HTML/CSS web pages, information sharing has practically broken many major boundaries. With these technological advancements one can exchange data with the blink of an eye and have access to a whole lot of information with just a device and internet connectivity.

Websites or the related documents of Hypertext Markup Language pages have brought changes to the fundamental way of how we exchange data and access data. Originally information was published on websites with just plain text but as the fundamental technologies underlying the creation of websites improved, the way of exchange and access also had its share of advancements. What do I mean? Now it is possible to have access to not just plain text information but also rich media like photos, blogs, audio, videos, etc. which was not possible at one time.

Businesses also published their company information on their websites so people could have access to them. That was their business website; a related documents of html pages that contained information about a particular business or company.

With the advancement of technology, websites could now do more than just share information. It allowed for user inputs and response in a richer way allowing for all sort of user interactions to be made possible online. One does not need to leave the comfort of his room to pay his utility bills, make flight reservations, and make online purchases and more all through the use of websites.

The global world is both a big and a small world. It therefore becomes necessary that a business has some strategies in place in alignment with its marketing and core business objectives to evolve with these technologies. More and more people are becoming dependent on technology and the only way to secure the sustainability of your business is to evolve with it so you can stay ahead of meeting your customer or prospects needs through these technological mediums.

In the following, I’ll share with you some striking information on why you need to build your business website if you don’t have one already or to redesign your website to accommodate recent and newer technologies.


Traditional marketing has had to do with grabbing the attention of your potential customers through the various media and persuade them or offer them value as to why they should buy your products or services. Newspaper, magazines, television, print advertisements are all classic ways of doing traditional or offline marketing.

Now with the rise of internet and websites, it has become necessary for businesses to also utilize these mediums to advocate their business. Any efforts geared towards making your services and products known through the internet can be referred to as online or digital marketing. This to me is the number one reason why you need a business website.

You do not only have the opportunity to have your company’s products and services listed on the internet but also technology gives you the opportunity to offer your potential customers a better experience of your brand online and converts them to customers helping with conveniences and time savings.

Social Media Sharing, blog posts, content marketing, newsletters, email lists, etc. are all ways you can engage in online marketing. The details of the how would be the discussion of another day.

Search Visibility

Even more powerful is the ability of internet technology to not only have you access to data but also to search for specific data. Google, Bing, Yahoo are all players when it comes to online information search. I am always amazed about how these companies thought ahead and made a business out of information searching.

Anyway back to the point, since search engines brought the ability to search for information, it became convenient for internet users to resort to them when looking for a particular information including searching for your company products and services. It is then paramount that you optimized your business website and make it accessible to these search engines so that a potential customer looking up for services you offer may be given a search results with your website listing as part.

This is what is referred to as Search Engine Optimization; where a website is optimized for both user and search engines so that it ranks higher in search engine results. This would save you a lot of money you have to set aside for your traditional business marketing.

Personalized Search Results

With the indexing of millions of website information, it becomes clear that information relevance could be a problem. So more and more these search engines are also offering personalized search results where if you own an account with them, they’ll be able to know your preference and offer you services or products you might be interested in in your locality.

For example if I’m interested in finding out the nearest restaurant that sells pizza, it would be irrelevant if the search results showed me restaurant websites located in a far country even if their website is highly optimized for their search engine visibility.

Mobile Device Usage Increase

Mobile device usage is on the rise and so is the usage of mobile internet on the increase. More and more people are turning to their mobile devices to use the internet for all sort of user engagements, for products and services search, online studies, etc.

It’s incumbent on a business to ensure that the website can also be accessed on most mobile devices without any issues on the mobile platform. When a website is mobile device friendly, it’s referred to as being mobile device responsive and the way website developers achieve that or like to call it is Responsive Website Design. It is time you checked your own business website on your mobile device and ask the developers to fix any issues that you may encounter.

Always be improving

The very platform on which technology stands is always improving. And since technology affects most industries, careers and business, it implies that we also have to be improving. The problems of today are solved with the available technology and that usually calls for a compromise in one way or the other. Newer ways of solving these same problems with newer technologies also comes with less compromise and greater advantage to both business owners and customers. It then becomes imperative that we always evolve with evolving technology or we stand the risk of losing out.

Website design is one of such areas and so measures would have to be put in place to ensure that the statistics such as page click through rate, time spent of page, website performance, conversion flows patterns, etc. are all analyzed and improved. Your website should not just be another site sitting on the internet shelf. You should have returns on the resources and time invested in putting it up and that’s why it becomes necessary that you find out what is working and what’s not and address the issues.

Some basics you need to know

I’ll briefly make a check list of some basics on business website and what you need to get started.

  1. Domain name registration
  2. Website hosting
  3. Company Profile Information
  4. Team Members profile and photos
  5. Social Media Accounts Creation
  6. Products and Services Photos

Partnering with a good Web Design Company in Ghana

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