Web Design Training

Web Design Training (Objectives):

With our web design training course, we believe in real world practicals. Geeks Global Technologies Ltd do away with all the stuff you will not need in the real world and teach you everything to get you started with your career as a web designer.

  1. High demand professional career.
  2. Introduction to Web Technologies.
  3. Career in Web Technologies and job Roles.
  4. How websites work.
  5. Domain Registration and web Hosting.
  6. Static Website Designing,Dynamic Websites and WebApps.
  7. Web Standards and W3C recommendations.
  8. Make quality design for any website.
  9. Earn money as much as you can.
  10. Web Design is  a prestigious profession in the world.
  11. How to run a Web Design Business.
  12. Internet/Online Marketing.
  13. Google Analytics.
  14. Facebook Ads. and Marketing.
  15. Google Ads.
  16. Google Adsense and more.

Training Course

  1. Domain Registration.
  2. How to buy a domain name.
  3. How to manage a domain name.
  4. How to transfer a domain and more.
  5. Web Hosting.
  6. How to host a website.
  7. How to purchase a web hosting account.
  8. How to create custom emails.
  9. How to manage a websites emails.
  10. How to design a website with WordPress.
  11. How to create content management system.
  12. How to manage and maintain a website.
  13. Search Engine Optimization.
  14. Google Analytics.
  15. Google Adwords.
  16. Google Adsense.
  17. Facebook Ads and more.