CEOJones Mangame Issaka

CEO/Leader Developer(Software Engineer):

Jones Mangame Issaka has over 13 years experience in Web and Graphic development; business development; organizational and event management; Social Media and Mass Communication. He is currently a webmaster of over 60 companies/organizations across Africa, UK and USA. . He is the Founder/Chief Editor of and the chief editor of,,,, , and more. He is a graduate of University of Ghana(Legon), IPMC, and also holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland,Maters Degree from Coventry University and more.

Multiple time founder and CEO with real life wins, losses, and an exit.
My background as an IT Specialist,marketing consultant, . Building the right team is essential to a startups success, and I’ve been fortunate to align myself with a group of rockstars.
My current passion and the majority of my life consists of IT stuff.

Jones Mangame Issaka  have been actively involved in SEO and Internet marketing since 2004. Jim’s knowledge and experience have made him one of the most respected and referenced SEO’s in the industry and his passion for innovation and growth has led his company, Internet Marketing , to become one of the world’s leading online marketing firms.


I set out to create solutions that can solve all issues  of our clients concerning web purposes such as web design,web development,software development,graphic design and more at  – ease, save time , cost effective, quality website designs and I’m confident I’ve done so. With a few clicks anyone of any skill level can create a high quality personal website even with our IT training.





Felix Boatey

Associate Developer/Network Engineer

He is  an all round web developer. He is  a senior programmer with good knowledge of front-end techniques,html, javascript, php and more. He loves structure and order and I also stand for quality. He loves spending time on fixing little details and optimizing web apps. Also He  likes working in a team,  learns faster and more. As the saying goes: ‘two heads are better than one’.


Hi, my name is Gideon Adjei. I am a graduate of Takoradi Technical University.I took up Commercial Art as a career after majoring in Computer Graphics.

I dedicate myself in providing help to students as well as to professionals who are having difficult time in IT related issues,Graphic Designs, or any related courses. I also offer tutorials for students who want to learn how to design their life.I provide efficient lessons and exercises that help students develop their design skills or even discover their hidden talents in Art.

It is my vision for all people to come once again appreciate the art of developing ideas in Commercial Art.Wth the rapid development of technology, young people are losing this skill.It is my mission to help students slow down and truly articulate what they are trying to bring up to live.

Gideon Adjei has been in the web and graphic design field for quite sometime now. He is an individual with result oriented attitude as well as client oriented. He believes that getting a client is not easy so he must do everything possible to satisfy the client in order to establish long term relationship. Graphics is what he eats,drink,and sleep with as he has the passion for it. He has been designing for about 5 years now. He always work with the client in mind so he does everything possible to create,design and build to suite the customer.





Horatious Johnson

Graphic Designer

A Graphic designer with a difference, create visual concepts, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. He develops the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.