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Geeks Global Technologies Ltd offers brilliant and quality website designing with best value for money at cost effective prices. Here we have web designers who have minimum 7 years of industry experience and o who are aware and understand the needs of our clients and work together with them to achieve the right design. Our web designers are second to none in graphic design and have massive high standards of innovation and creativity. Geeks Global’s team is always ready to bring and turn your endless ideas and imaginations and make them a reality. If you require any creative assistance, they are ever ready to assist you with proper suggestions. It is our aim to create such innovative and creative new look for your company website.

We are the best in design and Search Engine Optimization friendly(SEO),online marketing and social media marketing and so on.When searching for the perfect web design and responsive website then you are welcome to our company Geeks Global Technologies Ltd where we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Customers are rest assured of maximum compatibility with present and upcoming browsers. Our team performs with sheer excellence and provide you with the best services. Here at Geeks Global, we never compromise the quality and offer you the best prices in the industry.

Our quality and cost effective value for money is able for all clients. Another exciting news for our clients is that we also provide Online Marketing and Graphic Design services. So you are getting all services for you need in our packages.

We never fail to impress our clients and always meet our project deadlines. Once you handover your project you can take a seat back and relax. Ii is important to us that we deliver your project right on time and we provide you with the best value for your money.One designer is assigned for your project at a time.

Here at Geeks Global, we offer the best customer support to Complete Custom Website Design.

Responsive mobile-friendly website layout

On-time investment for website design no hidden charges.

Will provide up to 2 design concepts.

Dedicated contact personnel for your project.



Geeks Global as a top-notch development company seeks to offer the best website design and appearance with a host of the state of  the art design services. We boast of a skilled and experience development team. We offer hundreds of successful websites assignment  and projects under our belt which is a reflection of our mettle. We have designed websites for many high level companies and earned so many appraisals from them.

We encourage and nurture creative approaches and mindset in terms of design which appeals to one’s preferred sense of style and technique. As a website development company, Geeks Global has the ability to turn all of your imaginations into reality and accelerate the growth of your online business. Our clientele range is wide encompassing small to medium size businesses to large international corporations and everything, which falls within.

We come with years of expertise combined with technical know-how in the areas of graphic design,website development, content management systems (CMS) and e-commerce stores and many more. You can be rest assured with Geeks Global, a premier website development company, which provides you with everything needed for a successful completion of a project. Our web team is ever ready to build a customized and personalized web designs suiting your web requirements.


We begin each day with a number of activities-view the latest news, draw up the agenda,listen to music,check e-mail and reminders,communicate with friends and colleagues, surf the internet, review the agenda, appoint the meetings, and so on and so forth. This loop has been starting and finishing our daily activities since we entered the adult life. What matters now is the means for managing the loop with ease and convenience.The answer we suggest is mobility. This does not mean laptop, it is spacious a solution to carry and use but nowadays, smartphones and tablets hold the world within.

Software-development (2)

Geeks Global focuses on modern mobile solutions, having expertise in the following industries:


Custom business software development management communication functionality. We build tools enterprises and aim at taking the smallest details into  consideration to meet the requirements yo suggest. A large or a small business can find a mobile way to enhance itself.


Customers value comfort and quality of services. Welcome to the world of Geeks Global, there is no need to look further for we are exactly what you want. Here you can choose mobile application and mobile website development.


Where can mobility be appreciated more than in the industry of health care? This is where time,information and immediate responses are vital in every sense of this word. Learn more about our experience in health insurance management,apps for internal use in hospitals and pharmacy management.


Online shops-solutions that sell. Fast-responding and user-friendly. Choose your mobile payment system and become an example of convenience for your customers with custom eCommerce software development. The whole range of what you offer is accessed and purchased with a slide of a finger over the touchscreen. Apart from applications, we offer custom eCommerce website development.


Fast and convenient way to be in touch. Meet the secure and innovative software solutions in the information exchange via e-mail and instant messaging.


Draw the customers’ attention and direct their choice. Present your services in the most precise and stylish way to arouse their interest. Then lead their path for your brand to be recognized and desired.


Become the source of information. Share the news instantly and promote your content-pictures and videos,books and music. Thus provide your clients with everything they need.


Bring the concept of your own social network to life with our assistance. Our expertise in developing such social networking apps,is at your service.


















Geeks Global is a full service visual communications and information technology company in Dodowa Ghana and serving clients worldwide. We provide website design and development graphic design,multimedia,branding and identity design services to government and nonprofit organizations.

Our professional and innovative support personnel are dedicated to providing the best service to meet the objectives of our clients and build a long lasting client relationship.

Important Aspects to Reflect On Before Assigning a Project.

There are many factors that will have to be taken into consideration before you pick a company. Your advantages in selecting us are

Talented In-House Graphic Designers and Artists

We have more than 10+ designers and artists working for Geeks Global Technologies Ltd. All are very much talented and competitive. So that we can ensure a faster turnaround time and better quality.

Strict Timeline & Work Schedule.

We are fast. Our planned and scheduled work pattern ensures smooth workflow. We prepare a work outline for every project deliverable that can explain the work process to our clients. Timelines are  important factors in almost every presentation of work plan and schedule and their range and scale can be displayed to suit the project. Our clients can therefore anticipate when to expect preview images or drafts and when the project is to be completed. We at Geeks Global are sticklers for linking work schedules with deadlines.

Easy Communication.

We believe in working together and we understand the need for prompt, clear and easy communication in our collaborative working approach for effective completion of projects. Quick information exchange together with varied experiences and skills of all our experts provide the best service possible. Communication is the backbone of any project and our organized and efficient staff teams respond immediately to all phone calls and emails.

Responsible Project In-Charges

Our competent project managers, who understand the project requirements and are assigned in charge of your work, will furnish you the updates of your project’s progress and provide fiscal reports if needed. Our managers are reliable and flexible and work in close association with our clients to enable you to supervise and handle the projects to your satisfaction. We at Geeks Global focuses on communication with clients and our project managers are responsible for communication of information clearly,promptly, effectively and relevant times.

Regular Updates.

We at Geeks Global study every project in detail to understand the client’s requirements. We prepare a detailed quote with timeline mentioning all terms and conditions for each project. We provide regular updates to our clients to help them monitor how fast and how pro-active our team is in coming up with right solutions.

Excellent Working Relationship.

It is a pleasure working with a company you feel at ease with. We look forward to providing a comfortable working relationship with our clients. We hold ourselves responsible and accountable for every service listed and an enjoyable working relationship reflect on the end product created. Working with us, you will never feel the barriers of geographical distances come between us. Through fast and effective communication we strive to create the feel fo working from within your office itself.

If you want feel free & call us: +233(0)262915391/+233(0)243915391










Facebook Marketing Service

Facebook world’s largest social Media platform. With over 600 million users and enterprises worldwide on facebook. Day by day, increase in facebook new users join and  there is no best way to connect with your target audience and build top mind recall. For impulse purchase categories (e.g restaurant, Gift item, fashion products, books). Facebook is an attractive channel for lead generation and brand reputation as well. Social Media bring up your Brand in Product. E-commerce, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, Hospital and Media.

Why partner with Geeks Global in Facebook Marketing Services?

  1. We help to boost your facebook Visibility.
  2. We ensure in depth customer engagement.
  3. We generate more leads.
  4. We are capable by experience to model the best Facebook Marketing Campaign for your needs.
  5. We increase Web Traffic from Facebook.
  6. Fan Page Design/Development/Optimization.
  7. We Develop your brand.

Geeks Global offers Facebook Marketing Services.

  1. Facebook Marketing Strategy according to partners needs to reach among targeted audience.
  2. Facebook Promotion by creating a vital buzz facilitated by sharing page posts and cross channel integration.
  3. Facebook Page Management.
  4. Facebook Ad Campaigns.
  5. Facebook Advertising.
  6. Facebook Campaign Management.
  7. Training our client’s staff to get the maximum benefits out from the custom made Facebook campaign for their business.
  8. Facebook Campaign Maintenance.
  9. Monitoring, Reporting, Analysis and Optimization.
  10. Increasing your Fan or like Count(Targeted Fans Only).
  11. Reputation Management


URL-ExtensionsGeeks Global Technologies Ltd is a leading Domain Registration,domain transfer,domain renewal, domain re-seller or auction company in Ghana. We provide .com, .net, .info, .edu, .org, .uk, .co and so on. You can register your domain name for your company,personal website,blogs instantly.

Domain registration advantages

Your domain name comes along with the following features.

Secured access to Domain Control Panel.

Protection from Domain theft.

DNS Server Change.

DNS Record Management.

Domain Forwarding

Mail Forwarding.


Finding Reliable Website Hosting

As a website owner, it is important to choose a web hosting service that meets the needs of your business. Without reliable website hosting, you could face a number of issues, including your site becoming unavailable because you’ve exceeded the bandwidth limit for your particular host. This could cause you to lose precious sales! So, what do you look for when you’re trying to find the best web hosting companies?


Affordable Web Hosting

Obviously, if you don’t have a large budget, it’s not going to do you any good to look at expensive Website Hosting Packages. Think about what your budget is going to be, but remember to be realistic. If you need a ton of bandwidth, you’re not going to get it from a cheap or free web hosting company.

Ease Of Use

If you can’t understand your admin panel well enough to actually manage all the different aspects of your website, your web hosting isn’t doing you any good at all – regardless of whether or not it is expensive, cheap or free. When looking for a reliable web hosting service, make sure to check out screen shots of the admin panel, or read user reviews specific to how easy the admin panel is to use.

Regular Backup of Web Hosting

You can’t prevent crashes from ever happening, but you can ensure that your website is being backed up on a regular basis. Check to see how often site backups are being done, and if they fit with the rate at which you add important content to your site. You don’t want to be adding a ton of content and it be a week or even a few weeks before that content is backed up.

Before you make a decision on which website hosting service to go with, compare apples to apples and look at several services side by side. With enough research, you can be fairly confident that when you make the final decision, you’ve chosen the web host that is right for you.And that is why for over 5 years, Geeks Global Technologies Ltd has been committed to delivering excellence in web hosting. We combine the latest technologies and excellent client service, to deliver the best web hosting services in the industry. Whether you are looking for dedicated servers, virtual private servers, unlimited hosting on linux or windows for your small business, enterprise, or reseller hosting company, Geeks Global Technologies Ltd has the right hosting services at the right prices. While other web hosting companies may try to cram as many accounts as possible on shared servers, we have set sites-per-server ratios for each level of our accounts for an unbeatable service quality.


banner-localseoOur internet marketing team is highly skilled in the art of Search Engine Optimization and have developed a human monitored online marketing machine. This revolutionary technology results in an accelerated search engine placement. Google will be among the first to pick up and in a few weeks, you will start getting great results from Yahoo and Bing as well.

Naturally, Google has updated it’s algorithms so organic seo is one of the most important and critical part of our business. We provide quality full service in leading of online market.

We provide Revolutionary SEO Services.

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