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Geeks Global is a full service visual communications and information technology company in Dodowa and Teshie Ghana and serving clients worldwide. We provide website design and development, graphic design,multimedia,branding and identity design services to government and nonprofit organizations.

Our professional and innovative support personnel are dedicated to providing the best service to meet the objectives of our clients and build a long lasting client relationship.

Important Aspects to Reflect On Before Assigning a Project.

There are many factors that will have to be taken into consideration before you pick a company. Your advantages in selecting us are

Talented In-House Graphic Designers and Artists

We have more than 10+ designers and artists working for Geeks Global Technologies Ltd. All are very much talented and competitive. So that we can ensure a faster turnaround time and better quality.

Strict Timeline & Work Schedule.

We are fast. Our planned and scheduled work pattern ensures smooth workflow. We prepare a work outline for every project deliverable that can explain the work process to our clients. Timelines are  important factors in almost every presentation of work plan and schedule and their range and scale can be displayed to suit the project. Our clients can therefore anticipate when to expect preview images or drafts and when the project is to be completed. We at Geeks Global are sticklers for linking work schedules with deadlines.

Easy Communication.

We believe in working together and we understand the need for prompt, clear and easy communication in our collaborative working approach for effective completion of projects. Quick information exchange together with varied experiences and skills of all our experts provide the best service possible. Communication is the backbone of any project and our organized and efficient staff teams respond immediately to all phone calls and emails.

Responsible Project In-Charges

Our competent project managers, who understand the project requirements and are assigned in charge of your work, will furnish you the updates of your project’s progress and provide fiscal reports if needed. Our managers are reliable and flexible and work in close association with our clients to enable you to supervise and handle the projects to your satisfaction. We at Geeks Global focuses on communication with clients and our project managers are responsible for communication of information clearly,promptly, effectively and relevant times.

Regular Updates.

We at Geeks Global study every project in detail to understand the client’s requirements. We prepare a detailed quote with timeline mentioning all terms and conditions for each project. We provide regular updates to our clients to help them monitor how fast and how pro-active our team is in coming up with right solutions.

Excellent Working Relationship.

It is a pleasure working with a company you feel at ease with. We look forward to providing a comfortable working relationship with our clients. We hold ourselves responsible and accountable for every service listed and an enjoyable working relationship reflect on the end product created. Working with us, you will never feel the barriers of geographical distances come between us. Through fast and effective communication we strive to create the feel for working from within your office itself.


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