Graphic Design Training



Graphic Design Training

Our graphic design training course is a top-notch practical based training where we teach students what they need for work whether to be employed or to start up their own businesses.

Training Objectives.

  1. Introduction to Web Technologies.
  2. Career in Web Technologies and job Roles.
  3. Students, who want to make their career in Website Designing.
  4. Individuals,who want to work from home at their free time on web designing.
  5. Photoshop/CorelDraw & Graphic Designers.
  6. Website Developers and Application Builders.
  7. Mobile App Designers and Developers.
  8. Search Engine and Social Professionals.

Training Topics.

  1. Introduction to Graphics.
  2. Welcome to Photoshop CC.
  3. Making Photoshop/CorelDraw your default image editor.
  4. Installing the best workflow color settings.
  5. The color settings explained.