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Facebook Marketing Service

Facebook marketing service is the world’s largest social Media platform. With over 600 million users and enterprises worldwide on Facebook. Day by day, increase in Facebook new users join and  there is no best way to connect with your target audience and build top mind recall. For impulse purchase categories (e.g restaurant, Gift item, fashion products, books). Facebook is an attractive channel for lead generation and brand reputation as well. Social Media bring up your Brand in Product. E-commerce, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, Hospital and Media.

Why partner with Geeks Global in Facebook Marketing Services?

  1. We help to boost your facebook Visibility.
  2. We ensure in depth customer engagement.
  3. We generate more leads.
  4. We are capable by experience to model the best Facebook Marketing Campaign for your needs.
  5. We increase Web Traffic from Facebook.
  6. Fan Page Design/Development/Optimization.
  7. We Develop your brand.

Geeks Global offers Facebook Marketing Services.

  1. Facebook Marketing Strategy according to partners needs to reach among targeted audience.
  2. Facebook Promotion by creating a vital buzz facilitated by sharing page posts and cross channel integration.
  3. Facebook Page Management.
  4. Facebook Ad Campaigns.
  5. Facebook Advertising.
  6. Facebook Campaign Management.
  7. Training our client’s staff to get the maximum benefits out from the custom made Facebook campaign for their business.
  8. Facebook Campaign Maintenance.
  9. Monitoring, Reporting, Analysis and Optimization.
  10. Increasing your Fan or like Count(Targeted Fans Only).
  11. Reputation Management